In conjunction with the Children’s Organ Transplant Association, we are a non-profit financially assisting families of children awaiting a life-saving organ transplant.

We believe every transplant family deserves a helping hand, allowing them to solely focus on their child’s care.  

Who we are

Infants and children seeking organ transplants face immense difficulties with high mortality rates and paralyzing, unforeseen bills.

Financial Difficulty

In crisis, families seeking a transplant face crippling costs not always covered by insurance. While families put jobs on hold, bills for housing, travel and long-term care associated with treatment often devastate finances and exceed insurance caps.

Steep Mortality Rates

One in five children on the transplant list dies before receiving an organ. Children waiting for heart transplants face a greater chance of dying on the wait list than all other ages needing transplants. 

The Problem

Our Story

Thirty-nine days is all we had... 

On August 12, 2011, Hayden Michael Nowkhah was born, seemingly healthy.  At six days old, after just three days at home, Hayden was back in the hospital with a 102 degree fever. A virus attacked his fragile heart.  Within a matter of days, Hayden was near the top of the heart transplant list. How could this have happened to a little boy who seemed to be the picture of perfect health? 

This virus caused a condition called myocarditis and devastated his heart function.  Hayden would need a heart transplant.  After numerous surgeries and complications, Hayden suffered a catastrophic stroke.  That stroke would cause him to be removed from the transplant list.   At 39 days old, we lost our precious, brave baby boy.  

Because of Hayden’s experience, and because thousands of infants go through the same thing every year, we decided to create "Hayden's Hope" to raise awareness for pediatric organ donation.  In addition, Hayden's Hope, working in conjunction with the Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA), is raising money to cover transplant-related expenses in honor of children awaiting life-saving transplants.
Medical bills, travel costs to and from transplant centers, lengthy stays away from home and in many cases, job loss affects transplant families and devastates them financially.  COTA families receive 100% of the money raised through Hayden's Hope, easing this financial burden and allowing them to focus on what is most important: the life of their child.  

Though Hayden is no longer with us, his story lives on. The story of the little boy who died but whose heart beats out of hope and love for children everywhere. It is our hope that Hayden's story inspires others to help children achieve the successful transplants they deserve so that they can live the life they were meant to live.


How to help

No action or gift is too small to make a difference. Make a life-changing donation to a child in need today. 


More ways to help:

Dari Nowkhah explains the importance of giving blood at the Darwin Eaton blood donation center in his hometown of Tulsa, OK. Click the button below to find a Red Cross Blood Drive near you. 

Visit for more information regarding our non-profit organization.